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Tiger Woods Is the world’s Richest Athlete!

Posted by Media Outrage on AM00000030000003031 20, 2007

According to a number of sources, Tiger Woods is the Richest Athlete in the World right now. Yes his money surpasses that of Michael Jordan and Michael Shumacher. Tiger is reportedly worth more than $650 million, and is on pace to become the first Billionaire Athlete.

Tiger Woods


14 Responses to “Tiger Woods Is the world’s Richest Athlete!”

  1. I can believe it. I once read that the richest person in New Zealand is Tiger Wood’s caddy. WOW

  2. maliha11 said

    why wouldn’t he be the richest …
    he plays golf doesn’t he, he does loads of commercials with elite compaines, and tons more.

    being an athlete doesn’t mean that they can’t be extremely rich, now i wish i was playing some kind of sport and be the richest athlete ever!!!

  3. maliha11 said


  4. Bruna CAPODANNO said

    Wow! this guy really gets his ball rolling…good on him…he deserves every cent! I wonder if he’s happy with his life.

  5. mediaswirl said

    We would have assumed that Michael Jordan would have been the Richest Athlete on the planet! You know? Like this guy ruled basketball and commercials for more than a decade. Tiger is kind of a new kid on the block compared to Mike.

  6. Gina said

    Yes i would have assumed Michael Jordan also…

  7. jason said

    This guy can’t have more money than Jordan!!! Even if he does Mike is still more famous!

  8. tsos20 said

    He is the world most successful athlete. He also play’s a sport with no teamates. It’s all Tiger!

    The Sultan on Sports

  9. Mark Richardson said

    Those teeth are mighty white. Guess $650 million buys some quality dental work.

  10. clarence labuni said

    mj the best

  11. clarence labuni said

    no it’s not tiger! i think it’s still mj based not only from endorsement but especially to his air jordan brand were in it generates now more than 600,000,000$ per year… just imagine how much go to michael jordan…some say’s he earns about a quarter of the total income anualy…

  12. eamonn said

    michael jordan played basketball which isnt a popular sport in most places in the world….tiger woods is more famous and has more endorsements would mj be richer if he is only popular in one country?…granted he might be known worldwide but he isnt anywhere close to tiger.

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