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Who’s Ass is This???

Posted by Media Outrage on AM00000080000000131 20, 2007

Ok after you’re done drooling and screaming Gotdaaaaaaayuuuuum!!!! Let’s play a little game called WHO’S ASS IS THIS? You leave us your answers in the comments section! Is it 1. Coco or 2. J-Lo?????

Click Here To See Photo!


14 Responses to “Who’s Ass is This???”

  1. Gina said

    I think it is J-Lo!!! Before she lost all the weight. Am i right?

  2. Ryan said

    That’s Coco!!!

  3. debra said

    I think that is J-Lo’s butt. lol whoever it is has a real behind on her

  4. Jason said

    Daaaaayuuuum!!! That’s got to be COCO!!!

  5. Jason said

    I would love to be dude!!!!

  6. carly said

    Thats jlo

  7. jasper said


  8. carlos said

    vida guerra fo show yeaaaaaah!!!!!!1

  9. anser said

    Jlo ass right thur

  10. joe said

    it`s your mama`s ass!!!!!!!

  11. Russian said

    i dont care!! ill smack that

  12. bill said

    That is either jlo’s or kim kardashian. I would fuck the shit out of either one of them

  13. persian prince said

    thats coco.

  14. mingo said


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