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Beyonce and Jay Z Kickin it In Cali…

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000080000003730 20, 2007

Beyonce and Jay Click on pic to enlarge

Jay is 38 and still skinny as crap! lol but Beyonce is looking pretty good nice legs, but those shorts are atrocious! That outfit is horrible in my opinion…


10 Responses to “Beyonce and Jay Z Kickin it In Cali…”

  1. shaze said

    I like the shorts but the are a bit to high.

  2. josephine said

    will i like beyonce she is like a mom 2 me so if u dont like her go fuck urself

  3. sisi said

    nice legs

  4. EricaOfficialBeyonceDaugther said

    first of all my mother and father look wonderful together so all u bitches syop hatin on them wats up mommy and daddy

  5. FUNNY GIRL said

    omg shes purty

  6. Jerika said

    hey u guys?

  7. I think both Jay Z and Beyonce are great. They deserve to be happy together!


  8. Patrick said

    Props Homie!

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