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Juanita Bynum Receives Invite from Oprah for Obama Fundraiser!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000070000000430 20, 2007

Juanita BynumOprah


Looks like GOD is definitely showing his working hand in turning tragedy into a positive! He is sovereign! Oprah has put the call to Bynum and invited her to the extravagant fundraising event for Presidential hopeful Barack Obama only for the social elite that will be taking place at her 42 acre Mansion in Montecito CA on Saturday. That is a big deal and what we call a good look on Oprah’s part to invite Mrs. Bynum to something of that magnitude. Bynum’s publicist says that “Bynum is hoping to talk directly with Obama or members of his campaign team about national domestic violence concerns.” GOD can use situation good or bad to elevate whomever he chooses to a new level. Great for Juanita Bynum!

In other reports accused wife beater Thomas Weeks lawyer has said that Weeks “hopes he doesn’t end up getting a divorce.” WOW! Is it us or does that just sound backwards! Like what do you expect a woman to do after you allegedly choke her and throw her to the ground and start A Town Stomping on her!!! And this is your wife not some burglar you found tip toeing in your crib at 4 in the morning….Developing……


5 Responses to “Juanita Bynum Receives Invite from Oprah for Obama Fundraiser!!!”

  1. GOD is great, GOD is good.
    Juanita Bynum and Oprah Winfrey are two witches. Oprah worships a green piece of paper which is called MAMMON. You can not serve BOTH GOD and mammon. It is obvious which god Oprah decided to serve. Juanita Bynum if also serving mammon and this is why she has such a great interest and desire to be with Oprah. I would not be surprised if they don’t become lesbian lovers based on the Bible scripture in the book of Romans Chapter One. GOD gave them over to reprobates minds; women with women.
    Juanita Bynum is possessed with a devil and so is Oprah. They are on a mission to take souls to hell.
    My name is Glynis Bethel (do a google for more contact info)

  2. Juanita Bynum is a women of God, chosen for this hour, it may seem that she is trading with babylon at the moment, but she will find her right track becuase she values God’s presence more than money, Money could never outbeat God’s presence. And where sin abounds, grace abounded much more. Oprah on the other side, is just a rich women, influential in Babylon, but deserve more rtespect because of her great works, more than many christian who only have big mouths. None has a right to judge anyone one earth about anything, God is the only judge and his judgements are true!!

  3. ur mom said

    Opra is a NEw Ager with a twist!!! and some Godly people are confussed too!!!

  4. Lady O said

    This world is full of evil and devilish desires. Regardless how good or bad a person operates, people will always have something to say. If one is really born again, you’d allow, let me rephrase that, you’d know by the unction of the holy spirit if Jaunita & Oprah are witches or not. GOD said HE’s the only judge on earth. And in the same book of Romans, Pauls addresses such an issue: Where you find people who are very quick to act/judge or have a solution to “problems” which they know nothing about… LET US LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS CHRIST LOVED US…

  5. Kings_Kid said

    I stumbled into Juanita’s music and I was really blessed. I was feeling confused and rejected but her songs gave me joy and hope and I realised what I needed was to dwell in the presence of God more than ever.
    Even if it is judged that she has fallen from grace, is it now our part to rejoice over her fall? No. Really as Christians, we should arise for her salvation and intercede on her behalf. What has happened to pouring out oil and wine to the fallen soldiers? Must we now tread on them until they are no more???

    As Lady O said, let us love one another as Christ has loved us. God alone, who sees the hidden and open things, is the rightoeus judge. If you have ever been blessed at anytime by her ministration, then stand in the gap.

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