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O.J. makes bail!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000010000005030 20, 2007


O.J. (the Juice) has made bail that was set at $125,000 this morning. He will be released today to go on and do as he pleases until he is due to be back in court in October the week of the 22nd. He had to surrender his passport to his attention starved attorney Yale (showboat) Galanter from Florida, who during the court hearing and the press conference afterwards stressed to the public that he and the other co attorney that will remain nameless (because he actually was cool) are Simpson’s only legal representation for this case.

So sorry Fred and Fred’s daughter (i know yall think he is guilty of killing Nicole and Ron, but he was acquitted.) I guess you guys are going to have to find some other way to set him up…. we will be waiting in the wings to see how you go about it…Maybe you’ll get with Oprah Winfrey who has openly stated her discuss for O.J. and said that she thinks he did it and got away with murder (definitely dont want her marching down there in Jena Louisiana)…. So congrats O.J. and hopefully you wont be contacting any of the off limits co-defendents and witnesses and slicing them up before you have a chance to be acquitted!….


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