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J Lo and Marc Anthony talk about the paparazzi.

Posted by Media Outrage on PM000000100000000630 20, 2007

J Lo

J Lo

J Lo and irrelevant husband Marc “who really cares about you pal” Anthony addressed the stalking ways of the paparazzi with Access Holywood…

When asked what it feels like to be intensely hounded and stalked by the paparazzi Marc “mr. irrelevant” Anthony replied “It feels disgusting,” Marc replied. “It feels disgusting, period! You feel like prey. You feel like a slab of meet.” (As if any paparazzi photographers are loading one half of a roll of film to take a picture of his ugly ass!) (No pal it’s your big bootyed former “In Living Color” background dancing wife that they will cut they momma to get 1 good shot of)

“You can [put a stop to it],” Lopez told Access. “Actually, he helped me with how to do that and you don’t entertain it.”

“You don’t play that game,” Marc added. “You don’t feed the beast!”

“Feeding the Beast” is how Marc and Jennifer refer to over aggressive paparazzi who stake out their home. (Once again we state clearly! That it’s not for Marc Anthony. If J-lo left him mateless tomorow the police wouldn’t stake out his empty lonely ass house if he was a suspect in the Kennedy Assassination)

“If I am going to go out to the gym I’ll make sure they don’t get a picture,” Jennifer said. “If they’re gonna hang out at my house all day they’re not gonna make any money. They’re gonna have to go down the road to somebody else’s house.” (Dag it must be tough being a celebrity…)–marc-on-the-paparazzi-attention:-you-feel-like-prey/news/2654


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