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50 Cent Got Mike Vick Convicted?????

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000030000001930 20, 2007

This is by far the most hilarious thing we have watched all day!!!


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Doesn’t Vick Deserve our forgiveness????

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000020000005131 20, 2007


Ok yes Mike Vick committed several atrocities as it relates to dogfighting, gambling, and the torture of the animals. But our question is doesn’t Mike Vick deserve forgiveness just like everyone else? He admitted to making a mistake. Didn’t our founding fathers who we so strongly urge our children to recognize and admire own Slaves??? George Washington who is regarded as the father of this country, and America’s greatest general, owned many slaves. That disgusting part of his life is never drudged up when he is talked about or taught to our children in schools everywhere. Does the fact that he and the many other founding fathers of this country, owned and supported the inhumane institution of slavery blot out all of the other positive contributions they made??? We would suggest all of you Mike Vick Haters think on that for a moment, before you declare the man a savage and attempt to ostracize him from the NFL.

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Vick Enters Guilty Plea, Apologizes for mistakes, and Ask for forgiveness…

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000020000000931 20, 2007


Michael Vick was in court today and entered in his guilty plea, and admitted to making terrible mistakes and asked for forgiveness from everyone. He sent a special apology to all of the kids that look up to him and stated that he needs to grow up himself.;_ylt=AoOAcB6UBc92wq8Xdk23EGxDubYF?slug=ap-vick-plea&prov=ap&type=lgns 

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Atlanta Falcons Owner Issues A Statment To Vick…

Posted by Media Outrage on AM000000110000003131 20, 2007

Mike Vick

How did we know that Falcons owner Arthur Blank would agree with Roger Goodell???

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NFL Suspends Mike Vick Indefinitely…

Posted by Media Outrage on AM000000100000004331 20, 2007

 Mike Vick

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Mike Vick from playing in the NFL indefinitely.

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Stehpon Marbury Defends Vick.

Posted by Media Outrage on AM00000040000001531 20, 2007

Marbury defends Michael Vick in a statement.

Stephon Marbury

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