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Oprah Knows How To Do It!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on AM000000100000004030 20, 2007


Oprah is throwing a huge extravagant fund raising dinner for the social elite at her huge Mansion in Montecito for Presidential candidate Barack Obama. When Oprah calls the celebrities come!


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Find out what the Richest and Poorest States in the US are!

Posted by Media Outrage on PM000000120000001031 20, 2007

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Facebook Investor says $1 Billion Offer Too Low!!! He compares Facebook to the value of MTV!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000050000002631 20, 2007

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was only 19 when he founded Facebook, the social networking site designed for college students. He is now 23 and has turned down a reported $1Billion offer from internet giant Yahoo!.

Early investor Peter Thiel who sits on Facebook’s board, believes that a measly $1 billion dollars for this 300-person company spread over three buildings in downtown Palo-Alto, California, is a risible sum! He compares Facebook’s current price tag to that of MTV, which he values at $7 or $8 billion!

Thiel says “Between the two I would want to own Facebook.” (Yea sure you would pal!!! That’s bull! You are an investor and you sit on the board, so what else would we expect you to say! It’s called great promotion and publicity! But you and every other wall street analyst know that’s a blatant lie!) Mark Zuckerberg and the people at Facebook are now talking about a possible IPO in 2 years that could potentially be the biggest public offering since Google.

This is very interesting being that Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe sold Myspace for a measly $580 million to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Google picked up YouTube for $1.65 billion. We can see why Mark Zuckerberg and the gang are holding out. But the question is what makes Facebook worth $7 or $8 Billion??? We definitely don’t see how their value can measure up to that of MTV. We think Peter Thiel was definitely smoking something illegal when he made that bold unproven statement!

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Oprah’s Reign….

Posted by Media Outrage on PM000000120000000631 20, 2007


Their is still no entertainer on this Earth that holds the weight, celebrity status, earning power and influence that Oprah Winfrey wields! We can start naming them all from Will Smith ($20 mill a movie), Julia Roberts ($20 mill plus a movie) Jay Z ($83 mill last year), Tiger Woods ($100 mill last year), Madonna ($72mill last year) to even the Rolling Stones ( $88 mill last year) none of them compare! 

Oprah alone raked in an amazing $260 million! in 2006. Everything this woman touches turns to gold! She single handedly revived the book industry with her Oprah’s book club. A mere mention of an author’s title and it is automatically instated on the New York Time’s best seller’s list. She has birthed so many careers; Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, Nate (the interior decorator), and her latest creation- Dr. Oz (someone who chicks now amazingly fawn over) 

The Oprah Winfrey show has been the #1 rated talk show on TV since March 1987, when she swept then Phil Donahue out of the top spot. We are talking a 20 year run now. She is the most respected, influential and adored celebrity on this Earth. She is one of the most benevolent people we know. She took her money and built the much needed all girl’s school (if that’s what you want to call it. It is a high tech institution on par with some of the most advanced learning facilities in the world) in South Africa which she calls her proudest moment. “These girls have given me more than I could ever give them.” She has built houses for people, given an entire audience brand new cars. What else can the woman do??? We will be so interested to see…. Oprah Winfrey definitely ranks up their on the list of greatest African Americans along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Minister Louis Farrakan, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Beyonce, Jay Z, Harriet Tubman, Benjamin Banneker, Nat Turner, and many more that we will be bringing you when we release Media Swirl’s top ranking of African Americans! Don’t miss it!

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Tiger Woods Richest Athlete!!! Part 2

Posted by Media Outrage on PM000000120000001431 20, 2007

Tiger Woods

In a recent issue of Esquire Magazine they dug into the Tiger Economy. We already told you that Tiger Woods is currently worth more than $650 million and climbing! Woods earned $100 million alone last year. It is still unbelievable that this man has already surpassed the financial net worth of the most famous athlete on the planet! Michael Jordan. But we are going to provide some further insight on the enormous wealth of Tiger Woods.

Tiger was recently in Dubai playing a tournament and shooting Gillette commercials and designed his first golf course as a part of an exclusive development called Tiger Woods-Dubai. He is reported to be getting anything up to $45 million for just putting his name on the project.

His list of endorsements read like this; Accenture, American Express, Buick/General Motors, TAG Heuer, Gillette, NetJets, Electronic Arts and of course Nike. Nike will not disclose how much their contract with Woods is, but his 1st contract with them was reported to be $40 million and the 2nd $100 million over 5 years, and Bob Wood who is president of Nike Golf says “that anything less than $200 million for 7 years wouldn’t be exciting anyone.”

Industry insiders say that in Tiger’s first year as a pro he brought in an additional $653 million to the game of golf. When he turned pro Woods singed endorsement deals worth a reported $67 million. We will have more on the amazing bank of Golf’s greatest player in the coming weeks…..

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Tiger Woods Is the world’s Richest Athlete!

Posted by Media Outrage on AM00000030000003031 20, 2007

According to a number of sources, Tiger Woods is the Richest Athlete in the World right now. Yes his money surpasses that of Michael Jordan and Michael Shumacher. Tiger is reportedly worth more than $650 million, and is on pace to become the first Billionaire Athlete.

Tiger Woods

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