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Take you down

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Jennifer Lopez Denies Pregnancy…

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000070000003730 20, 2007

J Lo

Hmm now J Lo is denying the recent media reports that she is pregnant. Here is what she had to say about the rumors and reports…

No, no! We get this every week!” “I don’t mind when people talk about this,” she continued. “I get the interest. I’m not the only [celeb] who gets these rumors.” But the newest spate seems to have staying power — despite Anthony issuing his own denial: “Everyone calls about this every month . . . but, no.”

Despite the rumors Lopez had this to say…. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

That’s some type of illusion near her stomach…

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Juanita Bynum on Good Morning America…

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 Juanita Bynum

Juanita Bynum appeared on Good Morning America and talked about the situation between her and estranged husband Bishop Thomas Weeks.

When GMA’s Robin Roberts asked Bynum about an abusive first marriage, and her seperation from her second husband, Thomas Weeks III, she said, “My first marriage is something that, he repented for what he did, and I made a vow that I would not talk about that situation because it was over 20 years ago.

“I think right now my focus lately has been on why have I allowed this kind of behavior for a second time,” she said. “I’m really focusing on my own healing rather than looking at the faults of the individuals because I can’t do anything about their actions; I can only do something about my own.”

“I believe that spirituality needs to be used in a proper manner, to the degree that we forgive and we pray, but by the same token, you have to take the responsibility to remove yourself out of harm’s way while you’re praying,” Bynum said Wednesday.

Weeks’ attorney, Randall Kessler, said he was contacted by Good Morning America Tuesday night for a comment on “our position on the current status.”

Kessler released a statement saying, “We have suggested private mediation, or even a settlement conference to expedite resolution, and to prevent any unintended miscommunication or leaks to the press. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more apparent that Rev. Bynum wants to keep this matter public and to expand her career and public persona by doing so.”

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Couple Says They Saw Helicopter Drop Bombs On Levees in New Orleans!

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000010000004530 20, 2007

This crazy looking couple says that they saw helicopters drop a bomb on the levees during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Are they lying or telling the truth? Or did they both just escape from an insane asylum? You be the judge…that is if you can make it through this incredibly boring video!

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Beyonce’s American Express Commercial…

Posted by Media Outrage on PM000000100000001030 20, 2007

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Microsoft wants to invest in Facebook!

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000030000000330 20, 2007

Mark Zuckerberg

Rumors are swirling around the potential interest Microsoft has in investing in social networking site The Wall Street journal is reporting that Microsoft is prepared to invest from $300-$500million in Facebook, and the 23 year old founder Mark Zuckerberg is saying that a %5 stake in the company is worth at least $500 million placing the current total value of the company at a whopping $15billion!

Well it looks as if Facebook investor Peter Thiel knew what he was talking about when he stated that a $1billion offer for the company was laughable, and compared Facebook’s value to that of MTV (which we by the way thought he had to be on some new form of crack to make that statement, but I guess we were wrong) which is about $7 or $8 billion.

Microsoft realizes that it’s strong hold on software isn’t enough to keep up with the lightning speed evolution taking place on the internet with social networking sites such as Myspace, and YouTube.

Zuckerberg made some strong comments against Myspace saying that they sold out for too low a price at $580 million to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. A few months later Google scooped up YouTube for $1.65billion which made the Myspace purchase look like crack head prices.

Zuckerberg may be smart after all by playing the “I do not want to sell” card, all the while raising the value of his social networking company.

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Britney Spears Sex Tape!!!

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Yep we definitely believe this is Ms. Spears in action! check it out for yourself…

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J Lo and Marc Anthony talk about the paparazzi.

Posted by Media Outrage on PM000000100000000630 20, 2007

J Lo

J Lo

J Lo and irrelevant husband Marc “who really cares about you pal” Anthony addressed the stalking ways of the paparazzi with Access Holywood…

When asked what it feels like to be intensely hounded and stalked by the paparazzi Marc “mr. irrelevant” Anthony replied “It feels disgusting,” Marc replied. “It feels disgusting, period! You feel like prey. You feel like a slab of meet.” (As if any paparazzi photographers are loading one half of a roll of film to take a picture of his ugly ass!) (No pal it’s your big bootyed former “In Living Color” background dancing wife that they will cut they momma to get 1 good shot of)

“You can [put a stop to it],” Lopez told Access. “Actually, he helped me with how to do that and you don’t entertain it.”

“You don’t play that game,” Marc added. “You don’t feed the beast!”

“Feeding the Beast” is how Marc and Jennifer refer to over aggressive paparazzi who stake out their home. (Once again we state clearly! That it’s not for Marc Anthony. If J-lo left him mateless tomorow the police wouldn’t stake out his empty lonely ass house if he was a suspect in the Kennedy Assassination)

“If I am going to go out to the gym I’ll make sure they don’t get a picture,” Jennifer said. “If they’re gonna hang out at my house all day they’re not gonna make any money. They’re gonna have to go down the road to somebody else’s house.” (Dag it must be tough being a celebrity…)–marc-on-the-paparazzi-attention:-you-feel-like-prey/news/2654

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Britney Spears ex bodyguard says she used drugs…

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000060000005430 20, 2007


Tony Baretto Britney Spear’s former bodyguard is now claiming that she used drugs.

Baretto denies he’s out for revenge because he was fired after two months. He says he’s not out “to destroy Britney.” He says he’s speaking out “for the kids.” (Yea sure you are pal…oh did we mention that he is writing a tell all book???) Man their is no celebrity or public official safe from broke scorned associates and employees. Just wait until Senator Craig’s “I Promise I’m Not Gay!!!!” colleagues start penning their memoirs!!! We’re sure it will be a real page turner full of bathroom stall advice. Definitely something to be read on the toilet.

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Mike Tyson pleads guilty to drug charge…

Posted by Media Outrage on PM00000050000000030 20, 2007

Mike Tyson

Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson was back in court and plead guilty to possession of drugs and driving under the influence. (He and O.J. must have invisible self destruct buttons that they don’t know they’re constantly pushing.)

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